A Harbour Town (2013)

Official poster by Dean Kavanagh

'A journey into the dark visions of a small coastal town.
Memories of the inhabitants or memories created by the place itself.'

Leon Kavanagh, John Curran, Natalie Kavanagh, 
Rouzbeh Rashidi, Dean Kavanagh, Shane Vernon, Vanessa Kavanagh, 
Matthew Moynihan, Atoosa Pour Hosseini, Maximilian Le Cain

92mins | Colour | Dslr HD | 1.77:1 | Stereo | 2013

"A Harbour Town" Irish Premiere 
@ Phantoscope (April 10th, Triskel Christchurch, Cork)

Curated by Maximilian Le Cain


The Irish premiere of "A Harbour Town" 
will play at Triskel Christchurch: Thursday, April 10th, 6.15pm. 

It will be screened as part of ‘Phantoscope’, a quarterly experimental film programme 
at Triskel Christchurch Cinema, curated by Maximilian Le Cain.
Read what Le Cain had to say about the film here

 Short film "Maritime" (2012) will precede the main feature.

 There will be a Q&A afterwards.

"A Harbour Town" was a crowdfunded feature film, 

AHT World Premiere @ Spectacle theater New York, 2013

Review of "A HARBOUR TOWN"
by Maximilian Le Cain

"In an article I wrote last year about Dean Kavanagh's films, I called him 'Irish cinema's best kept secret'. His brand new feature film, A Harbour Town,  adds overwhelming urgency to the need to get that 'secret' out there. In this extraordinary, utterly idiosyncratic new masterpiece, Dean has surpassed even the finest of his short films. An uncomfortable, elusive work that gets right under the skin, A Harbour Town blurs the boundaries between banal details of daily life and the weirdness of our unconscious, often tactile perception of them. An unsettling experience to be sure, one that it's very hard not to carry back into 'real life' (a condition this film constantly interrogates) after viewing. This new movie consolidates Dean's status as undoubtedly the most unique and mysterious filmmaker in Ireland. And, to my mind, one of the most fascinating anywhere."

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 Location Photographs from 
"A Harbour Town" (2013)

Shane Vernon (above pictured) on location

(above pictured from left) Dean Kavanagh, Shane Vernon, John Curran

Rouzbeh Rashidi (above pictured on location in Dublin, simultaneously shooting scenes for his film "Circumcision Of Participant Observation", 2013)

(above) Rouzbeh Rashidi on location, Dublin.

Cast/Crew wrap (above from left: John Curran, Shane Vernon, Leon Kavanagh, Dean Kavanagh)
Armourer: Michael Roe

A salvaged/customised kit used on the production.

Portrait based on character in 'AHT'

A promotional drawing by Paul Dowling, based on a character from "A Harbour Town"

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A Harbour Town