Thursday 30 October 2014

EFS Activities in November 2014


EFS in Cork Film Festival 2014

(above: "Hades of Limbo", dir. Rashidi, 2012)

EFS has been crucial in nurturing a new Iranian underground cinema that is significantly different 
from both official Iranian cinema and the politically oppositional works that western audiences are familiar with.
Introspective and nightmarish, these films consist of oblique but searingly intense visions of enclosed existences.
Rouzbeh Rashidi will present both programmes in the forthcoming Cork Film Festival 2014.


(above: Hamid Shams Javi's "The Hell With It" 2013)

Monday 24th November, 6pm

Temple Bar Gallery + Studios (Studio 6 Open), 5-9 Temple Bar, Dublin 2.
 Free admission, all welcome.

The second of six bi-monthly Experimental Film Society (EFS) screenings, taking place at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios under the Studio 6 Open programme, highlights the reach and stylistic diversity of EFS’ international membership. Bahar Samadi’s haunting, gem-like videos make very personal use of found footage to evoke a mysterious sense of loss and memory. Jason Marsh’s "Pitpony" and Esperanza Collado’s "The Illuminating Gas" both explore the raw materiality of celluloid but with contrasting approaches to rhythm. An emphasis on hypnotic rhythm and a willingness to tackle darkly erotic material characterizes the two collaborative pieces in the programme, Dean Kavanagh & Rouzbeh Rashidi’s "Homo Sapiens Project (183)" andVicky Langan & Maximilian Le Cain’s "Desk 13". And the darkness continues into Hamid Shams Javi’s surreal nightmare vision of family life in contemporary Iran, "The Hell With It". 


Bahar Samadi and Navid Salajegheh @ The Guesthouse, Cork

EFS are very pleased to announce that Iranian/Paris based artists Bahar Samadi and Navid Salajegheh 
will occupy The Guesthouse, Cork for a three week residency from the 7th of November 2014 concluding with an exhibition on the 30th.


"Forbidden Symmetries" at Österreichisches Filmmuseum 

A section of the collaborative feature film “Forbidden Symmetries" (2014) by Dean Kavanagh, Maximilian Le Cain & Rouzbeh Rashidi will play at Österreichisches Filmmuseum on Wednesday 26th November 18:30 PM as part of The Invisible Cinema – Film, Art, History, and the Museum (Lectures and Conversations: Nicole Brenez, Chris Dercon, Noam M. Elcott, Daniel Fitzpatrick, Lars Henrik Gass, Siegfried Mattl, Winfried Pauleit and Jacques Rancière) 

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